Charmify Club Privileges

As a Charmify Club member you get access to many privileges. How does a sweet deal sound? Do you appreciate getting first dibs before anyone else - VIP style? may be you would like a free gift to compliment your purchase or simply enjoy the pleasure of having someone else find that special charm you have always been looking for. Charmify Club members have an opportunity at these benefits and more. See Further details below - some conditions apply.

Frequent Coupon/Discount Code Offers

Looking for a Sweet Deal? Only Chamrify Club Members will get the most opportunity at Coupon or Discount Code offers compared to non-members. Know that we got your back.


Roll out the Red Carpet!  Prior to any public sale or promotional offer, we first  provide the offer to our club members for Pre-Sale. The Pre-Sale coupon or discount code will always be higher than what will go on sale to the public.  


Who doesn’t enjoy free gifts? Every now and then we like to spoil our members and offer them a free gift along with their purchase. This can be a free coupon /discount code, a necklace, charm, bracelet, maybe even a diamond ring...oh my! Did we grab your attention? okay maybe not a diamond ring, but you get the picture. To qualify must be both have purchased a minimum of one item in the store annually and have signed up as a club member


Let us do the work. Charm Finder is a free service only available to our club members who have already made a minimum of one purchase in the store within the past 12 months.

The way it works is if you browse through our store and can’t find a particular bracelet, charm or locket, simply send us an email to, tell us what you are looking for, and we will research and source it for you. While we can’t guarantee we will find what you are in search for we will do our very best to have Team Charmify staff find it for you